Tariq Ali

02 Mart 2011
With western-backed despots being turfed out politics has changed for ever. So just how far can the revolution spread?
01 Eylül 2010
The response of the West has been less than generous causing panic in Islamabad with pro-US journalists in the country pleading that if help is not forthcoming the terrorists might take over the country. This is nonsense. The Pakistani Army is firmly in control of the flood-relief effort.
10 Mart 2009
Reimagining Socialism
02 Ocak 2009
In the face of Israel's latest onslaught, the only option for Palestinian nationalism is to embrace a one-state solution.
02 Ocak 2008
How can Western-backed politicians be taken seriously if they treat their party as a fiefdom and their supporters as serfs, while their courtiers abroad mouth sycophantic niceties concerning the young prince and his future.
02 Mart 2007
It is Year 6 of the UN-backed NATO occupation of Afghanistan, a joint US/EU mission.
08 Ocak 2007
En ciddi suçlarını Batı'nın bilgisi dahilinde işleyen Saddam'ın yargılanma süreci tam bir rezillikti. Tüm savaş suçlarına rağmen Bush ve Blair'in hiç yargılanmayacak olmasıysa Batı'nın çifte standardının göstergesi
21 Aralık 2006
Ideological zealotry has helped destroy Iraq, revive the Taliban and increase the terror threat
13 Kasım 2006
A shadow of his former self, Ortega's victory is still an expression of the wider demand for change sweeping Latin America
20 Temmuz 2006
With US support, Israel is hoping to isolate and topple Syria by holding sway over Lebanon
03 Mayıs 2006
Ringed by nuclear states, Iran's atomic programme is scarcely unreasonable. So why has Washington manufactured this crisis?
26 Nisan 2006
Nepalese have lost their fear of repression and are making a genuine, old-fashioned revolution
03 Nisan 2006
Whereas Hirsi Ali and people like her in the United States and in Europe make a profession out of attacking Islam. There are other important questions in the world.
29 Mart 2006
The Karachi Social Forum
15 Şubat 2006
Amid the cartoon furore, Danish imams ignore the tragedies suffered by Muslims across the world
12 Ekim 2005
Why have US, German and British forces in Afghanistan not been mobilised to save lives?
26 Eylül 2005
There is now near-universal agreement that the western occupation of Iraq has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster; first for the people of Iraq, second for the soldiers sent by scoundrel politicians to die in a foreign land.