What is Açık Radyo?


Açık Radyo* which went on air on November 13, 1995, is a “regional” radio station which broadcasts to the metropolitan Istanbul area and its environs.

It was founded as a private company as required by the Turkish Law on Radio and TV Broadcasting, but nevertheless functions like a not-for-profit media organization. Açık Radyo is a collective, which has 62 partners holding almost equal shares with the shareholders owning “share certificates”, composed of marked and numbered lithographs titled “Tughras” (Royal Ottoman seals) (re)designed by the late great painter Abidin Dino. The inscription on the back of each Tughra states: “This is to certify that the support you have provided for the founding of a free, independent, democratic, dignified, compassionate, and out-of-the-ordinary radio station, which will hopefully lead to the creation of similar projects in the near future.”

It must be emphasized that Açık Radyo is not dependent on any interest group or capital group. Needless to say, it is entirely independent from the state as well. The radio station is solely reliant on the principles of pluralist democracy, the rule of law, and the protection and promotion of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. Thus, it stands as an independent medium and can be considered one of the rare independent institutions in the Turkish media scene, which faces increasing pressure from both the state and the concentration of ownership in financial and power centers.

The Motto: “Açık Radyo is open to all the sounds, colors, and vibrations of the universe.”

*can be translated as "Open Radio" if necessary.

**Bu sayfa Türkçe de okunabiliyor.