Tom Engelhardt

04 Aralık 2023
Gazze'nin yanışını izlerken, aynı zamanda tüm gezegeni Gazze benzeri bir felakete çevirdiğimizi de hatırlamakta fayda var. Bu sadece göreceli yavaş çekimde oluyor.
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21 Temmuz 2023
Tom Engelhardt'ın 13.07.2023 tarihinde TomDispatch'te yayımlanan metnini Nil Sarrafoğlu'nun çevirisiyle paylaşıyoruz.
felaketler içinde bir dünya gezegeni illüstrasyonu
29 Mart 2022

Yazar ve aktivist Tom Engelhardt'ın, kendi blogu TomDispatch'te kaleme aldığı yazının Türkçe çevirisini paylaşıyoruz. 

01 Mart 2011
Right now, at the invaluable website -- overflowing with blazing headlines -- you can see two worlds of trouble awkwardly intertwined.
16 Ağustos 2010
Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, the sort of place that -- with its multiple bus routes, more than 30,000 inhabitants, PXes, Internet cafés, fast-food restaurants, barracks, and all the sinews of war -- we like to call military bases, but that are unique in the history of this planet.
18 Mayıs 2010
On stage, it would be farce. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, it's bound to play out as tragedy.
26 Nisan 2010
Yes, we could. No kidding. We really could withdraw our massive armies, now close to 200,000 troops combined, from Afghanistan and Iraq (and that's not even counting our similarly large stealth army of private contractors, which helps keep the true size of our double occupations in the shadows).
26 Mart 2010
Recently, I wrote about a crew of pundits and warrior-journalists eager not to see the U.S. military leave Iraq. That piece appeared on the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times (and in a longer version at and then began wandering the media world.
24 Şubat 2009
What does economic "recovery" mean on an extreme weather planet?
20 Kasım 2008

The Nation

19 November 2008

02 Temmuz 2008
Don't Count on It
17 Haziran 2008
It's just a $5,812,353 contract -- chump change for the Pentagon -- and not even one of those notorious "no-bid" contracts either. Ninety-eight bids were solicited by the Army Corps of Engineers and 12 were received before the contract was awarded this May 28th to Wintara, Inc.
21 Şubat 2008
The Million Year War. How Never to Withdraw from Iraq