Noam Chomsky

12 Şubat 2007
They are not building a palatial embassy with the intention of going
29 Aralık 2006
Michael Albert interviews Noam Chomsky
27 Aralık 2006
Historical Perspectives on Latin American and East Asian Regional Development
21 Aralık 2006
There are efforts to try to extricate the US from the US power -- doesn't matter much to the people, but US power -- from the catastrophes it's created for itself.
16 Ekim 2006
A public event on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the bombing of Cubana airliner, flight 455, which cost the lives of 73 passengers, was held on October 6th, 2006, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Boston.
04 Ekim 2006
In the southern cone especially, from Venezuela to Argentina, the region is rising to overthrow the legacy of external domination of the past centuries and the cruel and destructive social forms that they have helped to establish.
06 Eylül 2006
Alan Dershowitz's regular little performances are eminently ignorable, including the one reproduced below. But since I've been asked several times for comments on this one, a few follow.
05 Eylül 2006
In Lebanon, a little-honored truce remains in effect - yet another in a decades-long series of ceasefires between Israel and its adversaries in a cycle that, as if inevitably, returns to warfare, carnage and human misery.
25 Ağustos 2006
Though there are many interacting factors, the immediate issue that lies behind the latest US-Israeli invasion of Lebanon remains, I believe, what it was in the four preceding invasions: the Israel-Palestine conflict.
15 Ağustos 2006
Noam Chomsky interviewed by Kaveh Afrasiabi
16 Temmuz 2006
Noam Chomsky interviewed by Amy Goodman:
20 Haziran 2006
The US must take three basic steps to defuse this confrontation. The consequences of not doing so could be grim
08 Haziran 2006
İnsanlığın refahı ve insan hakları konusunda kaygılanmamız gereken şeyler gündeminin üst sıralarında yer alacak sorunların seçimi oldukça özneldir. Ancak kabul edilebilir bir yaşam düzeyi sağlamak ile son derece doğrudan ilintili oldukları için kaçınılması imkânsız bir kaç seçenek vardır.
31 Mayıs 2006
An inability to protect its citizens. The belief that it is above the law. A lack of democracy. Three defining characteristics of the 'failed state'. And that, says Noam Chomsky, is exactly what the US is becoming.
10 Mayıs 2006
Noam Chomsky interviewed by Khatchig Mouadian
28 Nisan 2006
We began by considering four critical issues that should rank high on the agenda of those concerned with the prospects for a decent future. Two of them are literally
10 Nisan 2006
India faces some important choices. It has made some steps towards closer relations with China, but is also tempted by the prospects of joining Britain in its role as a "spear-carrier for the pax Americana". By Shelley Walia
05 Nisan 2006
The New York Times calls him "arguably the most important intellectual alive." The Boston Globe calls him "America's most useful citizen"
05 Nisan 2006
Gonzales's legal advice about protecting Bush from the threat of prosecution under the War Crimes Act was proven sound not long after he gave it, in a case far more severe even than the torture scandals.
04 Nisan 2006
First of all, on the fact that advertising is designed to undermine free markets, that everybody knows, anyone who's ever looked at a television ad.
09 Mart 2006
Noam Chomsky interviewed by The Irish Times
08 Mart 2006
We have education, training, resources, opportunities and in a country like the United States, virtually no repression, it's an unusually free country by comparative standards, so we just have that much more responsibility than people who lack those opportunities, like most people in other countries
27 Şubat 2006
the Federal Budget came out yesterday and today. Well there hasn't been time yet for a study of public attitude towards this budget, but it's about the same as the budget that came out a year ago, February 2005.
24 Şubat 2006
Korea is playing a very significant role in world affairs. First of all, its economic development was remarkable, but then its political development has been equally remarkable since the overthrow of the Jun dictatorship. It is becoming a lively, exciting society. Many things are happening.
15 Şubat 2006
Amnesty International Annual Lecture Hosted by Trinity College
30 Ocak 2006
The explosions in London are a reminder of how the cycle of attack and response could escalate
16 Ocak 2006
The acclaimed critic of U.S. foreign policy analyzes Bush's current political troubles, the war on Iraq, and what's really behind the global 'war on terror.'
15 Ocak 2006
The US President Bush called last month's Iraqi elections a "major milestone in the march to democracy." They are indeed a milestone -- just not the kind that Washington would welcome.
04 Ocak 2006
No rational person pays the slightest attention to declarations of benign intent on the part of leaders, no matter who they are. And the reason is they're completely predictable, including the worst monsters, Stalin, Hitler the rest.
04 Ocak 2006
WWII is where I want to start. Howard Zinn wrote that "Perhaps the worst consequence of WWII is that it kept alive the idea that war could be just." You've talked about that you are not a pacifist, and you believe that WWII was a necessary thing to beat back the spread of fascism.