Uri Avnery

07 Haziran 2010
But there is a grain of truth there: they are the victims of arrogant and incompetent commanders, irresponsible politicians and the media fed by them. And, actually, of the Israeli public, since most of the people voted for this government or for the opposition, which is no different.
22 Şubat 2010
From time to time I ask myself: what would happen if the world's governments decided to abolish all their spy agencies simultaneously?
10 Kasım 2009
From Abbas' point of view, the announcement of his retirement is the doomsday weapon.
20 Mart 2009

Znet17 March 2009

Returning home from a very short visit to London, I found the country in the grip of uncontrollable emotions.


26 Şubat 2009
What will happen in reality? What will be the consequences of a "pure" rightist regime, if Tzipi Livni maintains her determination not to join a Netanyahu government? Will Israel set off down a suicidal road from which there is no return, or will this be a passing phase before the wake-up call?
16 Ocak 2009
Bundan tam üç yıl önce yayınladığımız bu metni tekrar ön sıraya çıkartmanın tam zamanı: İsrail - Filistin sorununa tamamen farklı, gerçek anlamda adalet ve barış yanlısı bir yaklaşım.
14 Ocak 2009

12 January 2009


05 Ocak 2009
For years, the Israeli occupation authorities favored the Islamic movement in the occupied territories. All other political activities were rigorously suppressed, but their activities in the mosques were permitted.
27 Mayıs 2008
The Germans call it "die Flucht nach vorne" - escaping forwards. When the situation is desperate, attack! Instead of retreating, advance! When there is no way out, storm ahead!
26 Kasım 2007
The Annapolis conference is a
17 Temmuz 2007
A detective trying to solve a crime always asks "cui bono?" (who would profit?) When we try to solve the crime called the Second Lebanon War, this question must head the list.
06 Temmuz 2007
There never was a darker Middle East summit meeting. The darkest there can be.
21 Haziran 2007
Bir buçuk milyon insan küçücük, kurak bir toprak parçasına, yurttaşları ve dünyanın geri kalanı ile ilişkisi kesilmiş, ekonomik bir ambargo altında aç ve ailelerine yiyecek temin edemez bir şekilde hapsedilirse ne olur?
18 Haziran 2007
WHAT HAPPENS when one and a half million human beings are imprisoned in a tiny, arid territory, cut off from their compatriots and from any contact with the outside world, starved by an economic blockade and unable to feed their families?
23 Nisan 2007

Gush Shalom What would we say if an American institution, holding a seventh of all the land in the United States, adopted statutes that allowed it to sell or rent land only to White Anglo-Saxon Protestants?

We would not believe it. And it is, indeed, impossible.

30 Kasım 2006
During the first Lebanon war, I visited Jounieh, a town some 20 km north of Beirut. At the time, it served as a port for the Christian forces. It was an exciting evening.
21 Kasım 2006
"Thank God for the American elections," our ministers and generals sighed with relief.
12 Ekim 2006
Once, While traveling in a taxi, I had an argument with the driver - a profession associated in Israel with extreme right-wing views. I tried in vain to convince him of the desirability of peace with the Arabs.
03 Ekim 2006
İsrail'li aydın Uri Avnery'nin Papa XVI. Benedictus'un İslamiyet hakkındaki sözleri üzerine yazdığı makalesi.
11 Eylül 2006
In every language there are some words that cannot be properly translated into any other. It seems that they express something intimately connected with the speakers of that language and rooted in their history, traditions and reality.
04 Eylül 2006
Yesterday I switched on the TV and saw a person radiating self-assurance and explaining how our victory in Lebanon opens the way for the inevitable war with Iran. The analysis, composed almost entirely of clichés, was worthy of a high-school pupil.
01 Eylül 2006
Ehud Olmert has found a convincing proof of his great victory over Hassan Nasrallah: "I am touring the country freely while Nasrallah is hiding in his bunker!"
23 Ağustos 2006
With A few words, a Lebanese army officer destroyed, the day before yesterday, the illusion that Israel had achieved anything in this war.
17 Ağustos 2006
Thirty Three days of war. The longest of our wars since 1949. On the Israeli side: 154 dead - 117 of them soldiers. 3970 rockets launched against us, 37 civilians dead, more than 422 civilians wounded.
10 Ağustos 2006
Today, the war entered its fifth week. Hard to believe: our mighty army has now been fighting for 29 days against a "gang" and "terrorist organization", as the military commanders like to describe them, and the battle has still not been decided.
27 Temmuz 2006
Çözümü özleyen herkes bilmelidir ki İsrail-Filistin meselesi çözülmeden bölgede bir çözümden söz edilemez. Onların seçilmiş otoritesi olan Hamas ile görüşmeler başlamadan da bu konuda bir çözüm bulunması mümkün değildir.
27 Temmuz 2006
- Who is winning this war?
20 Temmuz 2006
Whoever longs for a solution must know: there is no solution without settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And there is no solution to the Palestinian problem without negotiations with their elected leadership, the government headed by Hamas.
17 Temmuz 2006
THE REAL aim is to change the regime in Lebanon and to install a puppet government.
30 Haziran 2006
If president Bush wanted to deal with Iran by "bombing them back into the stone age", (as an American general once put it during the Vietnam War), now would be the time. With everybody riveted to the World Cup, who would notice?