Polly Toynbee

14 Temmuz 2003
A Lottery-Winning Couple Who Gave Millions to Charity Could Give World Leaders a Lesson in Wealth Distribution
16 Aralık 2002
Despite its censorship, torture and interfering army, Polly Toynbee in Istanbul finds reasons why Turkey is ready to join our club
23 Kasım 2001
War breaks out in the press. The battle between the Sun and the Mirror is a wonderful absurdity - the John Pilger anti-American Mirror versus the Sun's gung-ho jingoism: yesterday a Mirror diatribe bracketed together Stalin, Hitler and Bin Laden with the Sun's editor Yelland.
12 Kasım 2001
This may be war - but the enemy is profoundly unsatisfactory. Osama bin Laden does not fit the bill. Those brief film clips reveal only a somewhat ethereal villain, now hidden in distant caves in a desolate landscape. He is as incomprehensible as he is inaccessible.
12 Kasım 2001
Amerika hiç tasarlanamayacak bir dehşet yaşadı ve dünyanın geri kalanı da bunu şok içinde izledi.