Martin Woollacott

21 Kasım 2003
Britain and Turkey, apart from both being close allies of the United States, have had another thing in commo n in the months since Iraq was invaded.
29 Kasım 2002
Political failure often paves the way for resurgent fundamentalism
08 Kasım 2002
The Sharon government has offered revenge, but no resolution
11 Ekim 2002
British mistakes 80 years ago should be a warning to the US today
04 Ekim 2002
The debate about Iraq is phoney - the decision has been made
20 Eylül 2002
A diplomatic fix will only be acceptable if it humiliates Saddam
26 Temmuz 2002
The Palestinians have a lethal weapon - but it harms them too
24 Haziran 2002
Are the newly elected European governments European enough?
21 Mayıs 2002
When national projects waver, extremists will have their moment
21 Mayıs 2002
The US is prepared to help the Arab cause - for a price
14 Aralık 2001
The US must not let itself be pulled into Israel's slipstream
10 Aralık 2001
There is in America a sense of distance from other nations, and of difference from them, which has been long remarked and debated.
23 Kasım 2001
Victory in war breeds new ambitions. In spite of the political disarray to which the military breakthrough has led in Afghanistan, the downcast mood of only 10 days ago in Washington has been replaced by a feeling of confidence.
21 Kasım 2001
Asked to list the requirements for a successful United Nations operation in Afghanistan, a veteran of of the world body's efforts in East Timor and Bosnia raised a warning forefinger. "Number one - don't do it," he said.
21 Kasım 2001
Again and again on the way south from Kabul to Ghazni we heard a sound like that which might come from an orchestra of buzz saws. The big Soviet helicopters used the highway as a guide then turned with lumbering grace into the valleys and hills to east and west.
19 Kasım 2001
There is a recurring delusion that most problems in the world could be solved quite easily if the west would look beyond its narrow interests, try harder, and make up for the mistakes and crimes of the past.
12 Kasım 2001
This is a dangerous moment in history. It would be foolish to allow differences about the best way to respond to a terrorist threat to degenerate into an ideological contest that can only make wise choices more difficult, and perhaps fragment popular support for the decisions our governments make.
12 Kasım 2001
Aynı dünyada yaşıyoruz. Ya çok hoş nedenlerle ya da berbat nedenlerle artık yeter dediğimiz anlar oluyor. Yaşanan bu karışıklık ve beraberindeki öfke Amerika'ya herhangi bir kaynaktan geldi.