Gush Shalom

18 Haziran 2007
The 'Two-States or One State' public debate between Uri Avnery and Ilan Pappe got enormous attention already before it took place on the evening of May 8. 2007.
09 Kasım 2006
The most eloquent expression to the feelings of the hundreds of demonstrators was given by a middle-aged woman, who held in her hands the national flag with a large stain of blood.
02 Ağustos 2006
We got up with the news of Condoleezza Rice at last putting down her foot (or at least, giving this impression on TV) and forcing a temporary halt to the systematic Israeli bombing of Lebanon's towns and villages.
26 Ağustos 2005
The withdrawal from Gaza has created a great opportunity, but also a great danger.
21 Kasım 2004
Three months ago, in the beginning of August, a delegation of Israeli Gush Shalom activists visited Yasser Arafat at the Presidential Compound in Ramallah, half-ruined in repeated raids by the Israeli armed forces.
06 Ocak 2004
Gush Shalom is expressing it's shock about the harsh punishment of the five courageous young Occupation Objectors
25 Temmuz 2002
Peace Now found that over two-thirds of Israeli settlers in the occupied territories would obey a democratic decision to withdraw from their communities, while an absolute majority would see financial compensation as the preferred solution to the question of their evacuation.
25 Temmuz 2002
Those who took part in the liquidation of Salah Shehadeh and 14 other human beings, among them 6 children, and 2 babies (and150 wounded).
13 Haziran 2002
The cry from the heart of senior peace activist and columnist Chaim Hanegbi, which we on Sunday passed on to the Israeli list, was translated by Eldad Benary - who read it as a poem.
21 Mayıs 2002
The three most brilliant speechwriters of George Bush prepared last Thursday's speech of the President. Let's call them Tom, Dick and Harry.