Common Dreams

23 Şubat 2011
"In the past 24 months, those of us who longed for positive change have gone from hope to heartbreak. But hope is returning to America -- at last -- thanks largely to the courageous stand of the heroes and heroines of Wisconsin." by Van Jones
15 Şubat 2011
Arab public opinion will become increasingly difficult for the United States to favourably influence in light of recent regional unrest, according to experts speaking at a conference organized by the Brookings Institute on Wednesday.
15 Şubat 2011
After 18 days of mass protest, the people of Egypt overthrew a 30-year dictatorship and opened the door to a real chance at freedom, dignity, and genuine democracy.
09 Şubat 2011
From the British newspaper the Independent: "Like in many other countries in the region, protesters in Egypt complain about surging prices, unemployment and the authorities' reliance on heavy-handed security to keep dissenting voices quiet." Sound familiar?
03 Şubat 2011
Democracy is coming to Egypt. Under a democratically-elected government, Egypt's relationship to the U.S. and Israel is likely to change.
14 Ocak 2011
why is the White House pursuing a strategy that is almost certain to accelerate a descent into chaos and runs counter to the administration's stated goal of a diplomatic solution to the war?
15 Aralık 2010
In an interview to discuss his film "The War You Don't See," the veteran Australian reporter, John Pilger, told Reuters the internet, and more specifically WikiLeaks, would bring about a "revolution" in journalism which too often failed to do its job properly.
07 Aralık 2010
Julian Assange's lawyer has warned that supporters of the WikiLeaks founder will unleash a "thermonuclear device" of government files containing the names of spies, sources and informants if he's killed or brought to trial.
03 Aralık 2010
by Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
03 Aralık 2010
As the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations -- CLOC / Via Campesina -- we appeal to women, men, youth, children and elderly people worldwide to join the great global movement called "Thousands of Cancuns for Climate Justice" which is a clear demonstration not only that the peoples a
30 Kasım 2010
This year will likely be the warmest ever recorded, with soaring ocean temperatures resulting in a near record die-off of tropical corals, extreme heat and drought in Russia and massive flooding in Pakistan - all signs that climate change has taken hold.
26 Kasım 2010
While many U.S. residents prepare for their annual Thanksgiving feast Thursday, one in six are at risk of hunger - including a quarter of all children in the country.
03 Kasım 2010
How online activism can help us understand how real change is made.
18 Ekim 2010
Leading countries in the UN climate talks continue seeing emissions reduction as a political poker game, but politically disenfranchised communities know all too well that the house always wins.
07 Ekim 2010
Government scientists wanted to tell Americans early on how bad the BP oil spill could get, but the White House denied their request to make the worst-case models public, a report by the staff of the national panel investigating the spill said Wednesday.
28 Eylül 2010
Over one hundred protesters from the Appalachian coalfields were arrested in front of the White House today, defiantly calling on the Obama administration to abolish mountaintop removal mining.
01 Eylül 2010
An adequate response to climate change may need to address not only science but controversial political and spiritual issues as well.
01 Eylül 2010
In the late 19th century, El Nino cycles were not understood. Today, the world is witnessing the accelerating pattern of extreme weather events, like the floods that have engulfed Pakistan.
25 Ağustos 2010
In the preface to Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman wrote, "The Americans of all nations at any time upon the earth have probably the fullest poetic nature.
07 Temmuz 2010
More than two months after oil from BP's blown-out seafloor well first reached Louisiana, a bucket's worth of tar balls that washed onto a Texas beach means the crude has arrived in every Gulf state.