09 Kasım 2018

Kanun hükmünde kararnameyle ihraç edilen ya da hakkında 'güvenlik soruşturması' açılan doktorların çalışma alanlarını kısıtlayan kanun teklifi Meclis komisyonunda kabul edildi.


22 Ekim 2012
Uluslararası Gazetecileri Koruma Komitesi (CPJ), Ekim 2012 tarihli özel basın özgürlüğü raporunda Türkiye'deki basın özgürlüğünün 'kriz' seviyesine ulaştığını belirtiyor.
12 Nisan 2010
Işıl Karakaş BBC Türkçe'den Murat Baykara'nın sorularını yanıtladı.
12 Şubat 2010
Costa Rica - green and happy?
01 Şubat 2010
Continuing global economic growth "is not possible" if nations are to tackle climate change, a report by an environmental think-tank has warned.
01 Şubat 2010
Global economic growth - in its current form - cannot continue if nations are serious about curbing climate change, says Andrew Simms. In this week's Green Room, he warns that the consumer society cannot "have its planet and eat it".
12 Kasım 2009
Many of the world's biggest cities are increasingly threatened by climate change. If it continues unchecked, millions will be left homeless, starving and with little water.
29 Mayıs 2009
Smart meters will play a central role in delivering an energy infrastructure fit for the 21st Century, says Stephen Cunningham. In this week's Green Room, he argues why he believes the technology will help deliver the necessary carbon saving needed to prevent dangerous climate change.
05 Ocak 2009
Kalkınma teorileri, kapitalizm, küreselleşme ve sistem karşıtı hareketler üzerine görüşleriyle tanınan ekonomist Samir Amin'in, BBC Türkçe'ye yaptığı, global ekonomik kriz ve emperyalizm değerlendirmesi:
22 Aralık 2008
The birdwatchers at Kuyucuk lake rise with the sun.
03 Aralık 2008
Esther (not her real name), 28, a professional living and working in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, describes how the daily struggle to survive is reaching a point of desperation.
20 Kasım 2008
Turkey is fiercely patriotic and proud of it. But the country's bid to join the European Union has sparked a nationalist backlash that has turned murderous, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from Istanbul.
17 Eylül 2008
More than 6,200 babies have fallen ill after drinking formula milk made from contaminated powder, Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu has announced.
17 Eylül 2008
The US Federal Reserve has announced an $85bn (£48bn) rescue package for AIG, the country's biggest insurance company, to save it from bankruptcy.
15 Eylül 2008
The fourth-largest investment bank in the US, Lehman Brothers, has said it will file for bankruptcy protection, amid a growing global financial crisis.
30 Temmuz 2008
UK scientists have developed a drug which may halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
08 Temmuz 2008
Iran will strike Israel and the US navy in the Gulf if it is attacked over its nuclear programme, a senior Iranian official has warned.
08 Temmuz 2008
World leaders say they will aim to set a global target of cutting carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2050 in an effort to tackle global warming.
23 Haziran 2008
Oil prices have risen after emergency talks among the world's top oil powers and leading consuming nations over the weekend ended with no real resolution.
20 Haziran 2008
Scientists claim they have cured advanced skin cancer for the first time using the patient's own cells cloned outside the body.