Azmi Bishara

11 Aralık 2003
Anti-Semitism is thus a modern term coined in a specific context and delineating a specific referent: Jews.
12 Haziran 2003
Even Hollywood May Not Be Able To Save The Story Of Private Lynch
26 Temmuz 2002
Israel has systematically and persistently worked to make the PA drop like an overripe, or perhaps withered, fruit, without its having to expel or murder the PA's symbols or its leader.
21 Mayıs 2002
Faced with the unprecedented momentum and expansion of the grassroots protest movement in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, Arab leaders have revamped the notion of citizenship as a synonym for weakness.
21 Mayıs 2002
It Is Too Late To Turn Back The Clock
21 Mayıs 2002
The verbal gymnastics in which the Israeli government is indulging matter not one jot on the ground: the aim is simply to buy time to further crush resistance, writes Azmi Bishara
22 Kasım 2001
The assassination of Rehavam Zeevi is the first Palestinian killing of an Israeli political figure in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.