Ismo Kauppi​

Greetings from Finland!

I think I managed to hear Acik Radyo – Istanbul FM here in Lohja, Southern Finland! It would make me very happy if you could confirm I heard your station.

Here’s the details:

Date and time: June 27th 2018  at 0502 UTC

Frequency: 94.90 MHz

Receiver: SDRPlay Software Defined Radio

Antenna:19 element yagi antenna with a rotator

Other: Please listen to the clip attached to verify I heard you. Unfortunately there is no station id. On June 27th 2018 were amazing FM radio propagation conditions and I heard several Turkish stations!

My name is Ismo Kauppi and I am 54 years old Business Manager working for Microsoft in Finland. I am married and have three lovely children (22, 14 and 11 years old). We live in a house about 60km West from Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

My hobby is DX-listening. It is the hobby of receiving and identifying distant radio or television signals. The name of the hobby comes from telegraphic shorthand for "distance" or "distant". 

Part of this hobby is also reporting the reception to the stations heard and collect stations’ verification (confirming the report).

With my kindest regards,

Ismo Kauppi​

Greetings from Turkey!

Yes! You managed to hear Acik Radyo – Istanbul FM in Lohja. We would like to confirm that you heard our station.

Have a nice day.

Can Tonbil