Örn., 13.12.2019
Örn., 13.12.2019
10 Aralık 2001
Techno kasvetli, monoton bir endüstri şehri olan Detroit'te doğdu. Bu karanlık şehirde, dumanlar altındaki sokaklar fabrikalarla, fabrikalar durmaksızın bağıran makinelerle doluydu. Makinelerin sesi Kraftwerk'le beraber müziğin içinde duyulmaya başlamıştı.
10 Aralık 2001
70'ler ve 80'lerde Amerika'da ortaya çıkan Disco, Hi-NRG ve House gibi akımlar Avrupa'da küçük çapta da olsa karşılığını bulmuştu.
08 Aralık 2001
Early on Thursday, Hamid Mir, a senior Pakistani journalist, spent two hours in an undisclosed location close to Kabul, with Osama bin Laden. Yesterday part of his interview appeared in Urdu in Mir's paper - the Daily Ausaf - and in the Dawn - an English language paper published from the southern Pakistani city of Karachi.
07 Aralık 2001
"You'll never get through,'' the Taliban man shouted at me. "The Northern Alliance are shooting into Takhta-Pul and the Americans are bombing the centre of the town.''
06 Aralık 2001
"Kırk (küsur) yıl önce Kanada Başbakanı, bir Türk çocuğunu (beni!) neden üzmüştü?"
30 Kasım 2001
Much has been said in recent days about the instability of Pakistan. But the danger lies not so much within the population as a whole, where religious extremists are a small minority (more confessional votes are cast in Israel than Pakistan), as within the Army
27 Kasım 2001
A war that is supposed to help feed the desperate people of Afghanistan will in fact help starve them.
27 Kasım 2001
Peace has been declared before the war has begun. Those who advocated the obliteration of Kabul and Baghdad have retreated in the face of insuperable complexity. Many of those who argued against aggression have relaxed as the threat of carpet bombing or nuclear strikes has lifted. Most people now appear to agree that attacking a few military targets and deploying special forces will do no great harm.
27 Kasım 2001
Contrary to what our national media would have us believe, the Palestinian reaction to the horrific World Trade Center and Pentagon last Tuesday was not just a mindless and gleeful celebration of death and destruction in America.
26 Kasım 2001
Last month the only television channel allowed to report from Taliban territory in Afghanistan, Qatar's al-Jazeera station, said air strikes had killed 93 civilians in the village of Chowkar-Karez, 25 miles north of Kandahar, according to Taliban sources.